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The LIfe Studies Institute Campus Bookstore is an extraordinary resource both for those enrolled at the Institute and for the greater community.

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Cognitive Drilling Lenses
Thought-Space Brand Lesson-Gap Module. Comes with revised manual. As used in conjunction with the 400-Series LIfe Form Training Program. Remedial Approved.
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Luminar LL-10

Master Teacher Series
The proven favorite of educators world-wide. Fully guaranteed by the Learning Labs of the SFVLSI. Recorded live in historic Brockridge Hall.
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Featured Product

The Master Teacher Audio SeriesThe Master Teacher Audio Series with Preston Maxley presents the landmark lecture series on Human Learning Awareness Systems Technique that put the educational establishment on notice that a new voice had emerged which not only challenged the status quo higher education paradigm so zealously guarded by the established institutions, both academic and governmental, but which also had the power to bring transformational insight to individual seekers of knowledge with less fuss than many thought possible. The sudden, sometimes shocking instrumental tones and the masterful use of millenial rhythmisms in the lectures adds a layer of cognitive enhancement to what is certain to become a cornerstone of your educational journey. Recorded live at the Eppincott Symposium in historic Brockridge Hall.

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Fully Authorized Institute Gear.

SFVLSI TshirtAlso, our line of signature SFVLSI shirts are available here. A mark of sophistication you can be proud to display, even if you're not a student here, but only aspire to be. Dare to dream! But be careful where you wear them -- you just might find yourself the center of attention!

Because of ongoing problems with Homeland Security due to the atrocious power given them in the Patriot Act, we have had to curtail the listing of books and other resources we use in our unique educational programs. We simply don't have the money to wage the legal battles necessary to defend our free inquiry. After your enrollment process is complete, your instructor will assist you in obtaining the materials necessary for your course of study.


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