Dr. Maxley Teaching in ClassAt the SFVLSI we offer an exciting array of classes, both in the traditional sense, and in the experiential domain which may or may not happen in the classroom itself -- if there is one! Ready for a whole new way of learning? Either way, one thing is certain: you’ll be changed. By the enthusiasm, caring, energy, insight, boldness and never-say-die attitude that our pioneering instructors bring to what they do. Because they’re sharing not just their hard-won knowledge, but also the means by which they won it, and that leaves you a winner, not just academically, but on the deeply personal level at which we all yearn to move forward. The difference can be more profound than you'll ever know.

Sure, there’s a practical value to our easy-to-afford classes, just as there would be with taking classes that have full accreditation, but we aim for a value that lasts even longer. If we have to invent our own technology to bring this kind of learning experience to you, we do it! If new licenses and safety protocols are necessary to handle the new technology, we move in that direction, too. And if the answer is simply to give -- or even try -- less, but in a vastly more profound realm of knowledge transfer, you can bet the maverick educational leaders of the San Fernando Valley Life Studies Institute are willing and able to do what it takes. See what a difference it makes when your teachers live on the edge -- the better to peer into the distance. The winner is you, and the pay-off begins for us both the day you enroll.

Below you’ll find some of the highlights. Explore the full catalogue for a complete list of what’s available, and of course view our Online Learning Systems Series for transformational change at your current locus, an unmatched value.

Bio-mechanical Self-defense

with Dr. Stephen Weeks

Life Systems Practicum

with Dr. Stanley Friedrich-Huevos and Preston Maxley (guest lecturer)

Night Classes Available!

StreetlightWe offer a range of classes for the night owls! And for those students for whom working effectively during daylight hours can be a sustinance challenge. Urban Lightsource Management is a technically demanding but extremely useful course in both private and public sector Illumination, and the only course of its kind in the nation to probe the relationship between government light policy and crime, vermin migration, nocturnal consumerism and night-sky reduction issues. A simple flashlight can make the difference if you know the theories and can produce the kind of data-driven studies that affect public policy. Also available are ESL Observer Certificate classes (Levels 1 and 2), Thievery Theory and Practice, and Shakespearean Reflections for students in the P.M. Performance Track Program. Inquire about the Dark Hour Discount.

Ecstatic Rituals of Indiginous Peoples

This class is a demanding but popular course with those students who seek to probe ancient sources of wisdom for secrets into the vibrant realms that hide below the crusty facade of modern human existence modes. Field trips are carefully guided by veteran faculty members who’ve been there and can show you how to bargain successfully with the powerful Change Agents you will likely encounter. Prerequisites: Modern Anthropogeological Shifts I and II; Field Movement Basics; Recommended for Life Skills majors.

Electron Pattern Field Research

This class probes the practical implications of inter-personal electro-muscular messaging on the pre-synaptic level, coordinating gross motor response to nervous-system pattern processing by taking the equipment right into the daily lives of San Fernando Valley citizens! Prepare to be vocal and outgoing by the time this hands-on course is through, as field research with conspicuous equipment requirements is a constant challenge in crowded environments with confused or unwilling bystanders. Two semesters of the Institute’s Proto Electron Generation Practicum are required unless students have substantial experience in government labs working in the field of Applied Electron Pattern Utility. Two semesters. Equipment Fee required.

Dog Trainer Training Systems Program

Dog TrainingThe Institute’s DTTSP has been making steady strides forward in the competetive world of Dog Training Training with its innovative learning programs—created to be different from the Police Dog and Hunting Dog training styles which have provided the basic paradigm in the west for many years. We built the DTTSP from the ground up with a new methodology based on an innovative combination of input from our computer scientists, our Lab and Research Supply Department handlers, and the Human Learning Awareness Systems pioneers who have taught us so much about how to train ourselves! The result is an approach with the kind of hybrid vigor that keeps so many strays alive through so much stress here in the natural habitat of the San Fernando Valley—and elsewhere—and which integrates canine and human behaviour and communication modes in mutually respectful and effective ways. You’ll learn to issue a smell command—and to respond to the response. Try that at the police academy! It may seem counter-intuitive to let a dog train you—until you’ve seen where the won trust can take you both: towards a degree of confidence that can get you hired—or adopted—and let you flourish in your new home! This is a two semester intensive and requires the consent of the instructor and a notorized Experiment Shed Waiver.
Located in the heart of the beautiful San Fernando Valley, our Central Campus Research Center is more than just a “think tank.” It's a doorway into an unrestricted future -- yours!


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