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The San Fernando Valley Life Studies Institute has been serving the World and local community since the last century.  We have literally countless happy graduates whose lives have been changed forever by the revolutionary work we do here.  The Institute represents the zenith of the Aspirational Education Movement, while at the same time reinventing the most basic of its tenets—innovation from the very source of change.

Ours are also the most sophisticated training and experimental facilities of their kind on the west coast, plus an international reputation, world-class teachers, a mix of the most extraordinary student learners you’ll find anywhere, all on a campus that rivals and surpasses those most closely associated with its features, whether here or anywhere else in the world!

Whether you need sudden, !dynamic! instruction for a flash-point project or the hands-off gradual facilitation of an unfolding dreamscape into concrete modalities across several semesters or even several years, we have what you need at prices you can afford. At The San Fernando Valley Life Studies Institute, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional instruction of the highest caliber unlike any you’ve known before—or since.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a San Fernando Valley Life Studies Institute representative or one of his/her representatives regarding our coursework and degree programs, please e-mail us at or call us by phone.

The San Fernando Valley Life Studies Institute—where the teachers lead the way and the students always come first.

Currently Featured Faculty

(see Catalog for complete listings. Legal risk restricts us from offering some information online.)

Dr. Preston Maxley
Chairman, Department of Whole-Body Lecture-Performance. Founding Co-Ordinator, Human Learning Awareness Systems Technique; Senior Lecturing Fellow in Change Theory; Online Learning Series Development.
Preston Maxley is used to his high-profile position as the figurehead of the Institute, but despite the wide range of his administrative and educational duties at the SFVLSI, and his reputation for leading the HLAST revolution that has altered the "Do-Learning" landscape both here and abroad, he still believes that teaching a student one-on-one is a simple pleasure that we would be loath to forget. Highly in demand as a speaker and Mid-Game Theorist (read the text of his Eppincott Award acceptance speech!) he nonetheless keeps the students at the SFVLSI as his primary responsibility. His Dog-Training-Training program is a new venture that has really taken hold and is widening its influence, but those classes are typically filled by the time registration is underway. The Dynamic Change online learning systems program offers a free introduction to basic HLAST and is recommended for students hoping to begin a serious course of study under Preston Maxley.
Ellen St. James
Senior Research Development Specialist and Post-Doctoral Thesis Facilitator. (Also Jazz-Dance.)
St. James brings a wealth of experience and a still an exciting freshness to the various levels of research and instruction upon which she is called to teach and explore, both here and abroad. Her Life Studies Institute office is often abuzz with activity as students filter in seeking help. An expert in the theories of Progressive Chain Bowling and their applications to social networking, St. James has also explored her own variations of the "Learn by Falling Down" school of study. She is also half-time Instructing Chairman of the Dement Center for Excellence, which is a branch of the Manhattan Training-in-Possibility (TIP) Program that has been so successful working with the experimental education programs among youth in New York, trying to bring them to the level of their San Fernando Valley counterparts. She studied under Preston Maxley at the SFVLSI and is also a paid consultant of LifeCo, Inc.
Dr. Stanley Friedrich-Huevos
Chairman, Department of Imageristics and Digivideology. Eastern Europe Task Force. Progressive Chain Bowling coach. Patent-Pending "Theories Series" Coordinator.
A long-time educational partner with Preston Maxley, Dr. Friedrich-Huevos has achieved several degrees and brings the educational verve to his classrooms to prove it! Notable for his math and language proclivities, he brings no lock-step instruction style to anything he does, whether in Immigrant Movement and Accounting, (the only program of its kind with an "excellent" rating from the Repetitive Stress Council) or in his Theories of Thought Series. Fully trained in the pioneering Human Learning Awareness Systems Technique, Stan knows rhythm and he's not afraid to use it on the classroom floor, to the delight of graduate students. Remedial Instruction is another specialty. Easy, interview-style tests give him an overview of your Tuning Level, and most see improvement with great speed, working toward full transfer credit on the educational path of your choice. Taking the time to coach the bowling team to a first-place finish in the San Fernando Valley Uni-League (sorry UCLA!) in consecutive years has been a career highlight. Dual Training with the Edukartovlik New-Day School in Krakow, Poland, gives him a breadth of international insight and valuable connections, including over 200 certified chefs and a team of Naval Engagement specialists. No Night Owls classes this semester.
Dr. Stephen Weeks
Doctorate Level Trainer Training, Astronomism, Constructive Adaptology (Robotic and Biologic) and Rhythmism.
Dr. Weeks, noted primarily for the important role he plays in the Institute's Defensive Tactics and Resources Department (DTRD), is also a teacher and humanitarian of considerable reputation. He delivered the keynote address at a major Symposium for Advancement in Reseda, and international critics have brought his Compression Power! series into the limelight in a way that has left him largely vindicated for his theories, and certainly with the credentials needed for teaching at the SFVLSI, with no hard feelings to Cal Tech as he says. He gives generously of his time, not just to his students (both A and B Tracks) but to the community leaders who help forge the vocational pipeline that any trained specialist needs to have on her way to a Certificate or Degree in what Dr. Weeks likes to call "Real World 101." "Part one," as he always adds. Register early if you want to work with Thought-Space Brand Lesson-Gap Technology Repair or either of the Scanning Practicum Series classes, including the Night-Owl Mini-Intensive (3 weeks, 4 full credits.) Other classes fill later, and LUI 400 and other 400-Series Life Forms may work in tandem with Dr. Weeks in Constructive Adaptology, which requires a surcharge as allowed by law. Private consultation is also available but anything pertaining to calendar sales should go through the Institute Book Store.
Teaching is a both a pleasure and a privilege, and we never forget that.


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