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The San Fernando Valley Life Studies Institute places outreach at the forefront of its educational mission -- a primary location. Perhaps most prominent is the Institute's Experimental Narrative Outreach Program, or "ENOP," as it's known to participants and delighted beneficiaries alike. Credentialed figures at the Institute work on graduate thesis presentations with advanced students, often combining with Artist-in-Residence programs that link playwrights and webwrights from the diverse Valley artistic community (including such visionary writers as Bengo Childs and Haynes Brooke) with Institute faculty for dynamic live presentations performed as part of the thesis development.

The results are often electric.

The lightspeed with which a deeply researched and detailed course of inquiry can become a dynamic presentation with dramatic and literary impact is astonishing to behold. ENOP Players are Human Resources in not just a Neo-Shamanistic sense (Robertson, et al.,) but in the Eastern tradition of Street-People-Craftsmen, (literally "mud-shod builders") who bring their Institute training to bear on any role they're asked to bring to life in an outreach capacity. That these presentations get sparkling reviews in the legitimate press as Theater Events is a testament to their versatility -- and to a learning style that gives back in so many ways.

Award Winning SFVLSI ENOP Presentations include:

Art Explained Progressive Chain Bowling The Speed of Math
Art Explained Progressive Chain Bowling The Speed of Math
Chicken City The Compound Dog Moonrise Calculus
Chicken City The Compound Dog Moonrise Calculus

See, or in some cases, simply hear, archival selections from some of these community presentations.

Art Explained

Chicken City

Progressive Chain Bowling

The Compound Dog

But the best way to benefit from the ENOP is in person -- become one of those out toward whom we reach! You can't lose!
The shape of an egg communicates new possibilities across the spectrum of most known language groups.


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